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Seed Grants

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Which of the Following is Not an Essential Service; Road, Schools, Food Access?: Exploring Food Security with Young Aboriginal Moms project

CUHI Seed Grant Recipients

CUHI provides seed grants to assist research projects that are in the development phase and that are seeking to develop external grant funding. These grants fund pilot projects, literature reviews, and partnership building in CUHI’s research areas of interest.

CUHI’s seed grant program supports investigators within the research interest groups by providing seed funding for projects.  All seed grant applications undergo peer review by external reviewers and by members of our Research Advisory Committee.

CUHI is currently not accepting seed grant proposals.

November 2009

  1. Inequitable Utilization of Health Care among Children and its Impact on Health Inequalities
    PI: Mark Stabile (School of Public Policy & Governance, University of Toronto)

  2. A Pilot Study Exploring the Experiences of People With Disabilities who are HIV-Positive
    PI: Stephanie Nixon (Department of Physical Therapy, University of Toronto)

  3. Urban Gardening & Airborne Particulate Matter: Exploring the Fate of Traffic- Related Emissions and the Effectiveness of Risk Reduction Measures
    PI: Clare LS Wiseman (Centre for Environment, University of Toronto)

  4. Barriers for Medical Care Utilization for senior Chinese Immigrants
    PI: Peter Wang (Division of Community Health and Humanities, Memorial University of Newfoundland)

  5. Reducing Vulnerability of the Urban Homeless to Climate Change
    PI: Manuel Riemer (Department of Community Psychology, Wilfred Laurier University)

April 2009

  1. The Development of a Community-based Maintenance Exercise Program for Older Adults with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
    PI: Dina Brooks (Physical Therapy, University of Toronto )

  2. ENvironmental Correlates Of caRdiac rEhabilitation (ENCORE)
    PI: Chris Blanchard (Department of Medicine, Dalhousie University ) and Daniel Rainham (Department of Environmental Sciences, Dalhousie University )

  3. Understanding and improving breast cancer self-management through social networks and infrastructures within Portuguese-speaking communities in Toronto : A pilot study
    PI: Christine Maheu ( School of Nursing , York University / Princess Margaret Hospital ) and Gilbert Gallaher (Centre for Research on Inner City Health/ St. Michael’s Hospital)

  4. Building Community Resilience: Mapping the Terrain and Refining the Practice
    PI: Blake Poland (Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto)

December 2008

  1. Health Literacy of Ethnic Seniors St. John’s, NL
    PI: Wendy Young (Community Health & Humanities and Nursing, Memorial University)

  2. Teens Resisting Urban Trans/Homophobia (TRUTH): Examining Trans/homophobia Among Diverse Toronto Youth
    PIs: Robb Travers (Psychology, Wilfred Laurier University) & Susan Flynn (Planned Parenthood Toronto

  3. Healthy Sexualities, School-based Sex Education and Canadian Youth
    PI: Maria Gurevich (Psychology, Ryerson University)

July 2008

  1. Toward a Community-based Participatory Research Partnership for Environmental Health Justice in Parkdale, Toronto: A Capacity Assessment and Pilot Study
    PIs: Jeffrey Masuda (UBC/University of Toronto), Rick Eagan (St Christopher House) Dr. Cheryl Teelucksingh (Ryerson University) and Blake Poland (University of Toronto)

  2. Arts-Enabled Approaches to Popular Education on Global Warming
    PIs: Geoffrey Edwards (Canada Research Chair in Geomatics, Université Laval) Marie Louise Bourbeau (Bourbeau Voice Dynamics)

April 2008

  1. Youth, Disability and Sexual Health
    PI: Sarah Flicker (Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University), Stephanie Nixon (Department of Physical Therapy, University of Toronto) & Marcia Rioux (School of Health Policy and Management, York University)

  2. Performed Ethnography, HIV/AIDS & Aboriginal Youth
    PI: June Larkin (The Women and Gender Studies Institute (WGSI), University of Toronto)

  3. Dissecting the 'Obesogenic' Environment of CAMH Service Users: Clients' Perspectives
    PI: Guy Faulkner (University of Toronto), Wendy Young (Ryerson University)

  4. The Development of a Community-Designed Diabetes Self-Management Education Program for Women of Colour
    PI: Enza Gucciardi (School of Nutrition, Ryerson University)

  5. Building Community Health Mapping Tools to Investigate and Reduce Racialized Health Disparities within and across Neighborhoods in Toronto
    PI: Dianne Patychuk & Yogendra Shakya (Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services)

September 2006

  1. Cornering the Market; Changes in Supermarket Distribution & Restrictive Covenants: Implications for Public Health & Urban Sustainability  
    PI: Dr. Nairne Cameron (Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta)

  2. Which of the Following is Not an Essential Service; Road, Schools, Food Access?: Exploring Food Security with Young Aboriginal Moms
    PI: Dr. Cyndy Baskin (School of Social Work, Ryerson University)

  3. Planting the Seeds for Food Security in Nova Scotia: Building Capacity for Local Sustainable Food Systems  
    PI: Dr. Patricia Williams (School of Planning, Dalhousie University)

  4. Using Brownfields for Community Gardens: Opportunities & Risks  
    PIs: Nick Istvanffy and Rebecca Siggner

  5. Use of 911 Ambulance Dispatch Data for the Syndromic Surveillance of Heat- related Illness in Toronto  
    PI: Dr. Donald Cole (Department of Public Health Sciences, University of Toronto)

  6. The Role of the "Third Place" in Community Health & Well-being 
    PI: Dr. Patricia Manuel (School of Planning, Dalhousie University)
    *Co-Funded by the Wellesley Institute

  7. Mapping the Attributes of the Church & Wellesley Neighbourhoods which Influence Tobacco Use Among Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Transgender People  
    PIs: Dr. Gala Arh & Nadia Minian (Ontario Tobacco Research Unit, University of Toronto)
    *Co-Funded by the Wellesley Institute

  8. School Grounds & Health: Investigating the Influence of School Ground Design on Children's Activity & Related Health Benefits 
    PI: Dr. Cameron Collyer (Evergreen)

  9. Examining Determinants of Health Among Immigrant Populations in the Dixie-Bloor Neighbourhood
    PI: Dr. Kathi Wilson (Department of Geography, University of Toronto Mississauga)
    *Co-Funded by the Wellesley Institute

  10. Bridging the Gap: Good Governance for Local Environmental & Health Decision Making 
    PI: Dr. Cory Neudorf (Saskatoon Health Region)

January 2005

  1. Children’s Perceptions and Understanding of Physical Activity in Their Neighbourhood  
    PIs: Nicholas L. Holt (Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation, University of Alberta) and John C. Spence (Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation, University of Alberta)

  2. Concept mapping neighbourhood effects on mental health and establishing the validity of collecting data on residential history
    PI: Patricia O’Campo (Centre for Research on Inner City Health, St. Micheal’s Hospital)

  3. Using Observational Data to Study Neighbourhood Effects on Health: Evidence from Pilot Studies in Toronto and Baltimore
    PIs: Blair Wheaton (Dept of Sociology, University of Toronto) and Patricia O’Campo (Centre for Research on Inner City Health, St. Micheal’s Hospital)

  4. Using Secondary Data to Understand Area-Level and Individual-Level Factors in Depression
    PIs: Richard Glazier (Centre for Research on Inner City Health, St. Micheal’s Hospital) and Blair Wheaton (Dept of Sociology, University of Toronto)

July 2004

  1. Evaluating Urban Pesticide Reduction Strategies
    PIs: Monica Bienefeld (Toronto Public Health) and Dr. Donald Cole (Dept of Public Health Sciences, University of Toronto)

  2. Mobilizing for Food Security and Health Research in Toronto
    PIs: Jennifer Reynolds (FoodShare) and Dr. Fiona Yeudall (School of Nutrition, Ryerson University)

  3. Social research and public policy: Emerging frameworks for community engagement and policy response
    PI: Dr. Ito Peng (Dept of Sociology, University of Toronto)

  4. The municipal road hierarchy and neighbourhood pedestrian environments
    PI: Dr. Paul Hess (Dept of Geography, University of Toronto) 

  5. The use of traffic intensity for health impact studies and air quality scenarios
    PIs: Dr. Miriam Diamond (Dept of Geography, University of Toronto) and Dr.
    Audrey Smargiassi (Montreal Dept of Public Health)

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